Founding Meeting of the Nordic Game Institute held

The Nordic Game Institute (NGI) was formally founded on Monday, 15th October 2012. The memorandum of association was signed at Reykjavík City Hall at 16:30.

Representatives from the associations of game developers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden were the signatories of the memorandum.

The games industry is the fastest growing industry in Nordic area. The Nordic Game Institute will represent and serve the Nordic games industry consisting of more than 350 companies employing over 4,500 employees with combined annual turnover of over 500 million EUR.

The object of the Nordic Game Institute is to look after the joint interests of the Nordic game developers and to provide a foundation for continued Nordic co-operation in the games field. This has since 2006 been supported by the Nordic council of Ministers, and has been extended to the end of 2015.

“One of the goals of the continued Nordic Game Program is to create a solid base for Nordic co-operation also after the programs' end. In that sense the Nordic Game Program has now fulfilled this important purpose and I´m happy to pass the responsibility of activities to NGI” , states Erik Robertson, the CEO of Nordic Game Resources AB, the current operator of the program, on behalf of the Council of Ministers.

Nordic Game Resources AB will continue to act as a private subcontractor, now for the Nordic Game Institute, also in the coming years.

“The Nordic Game Program has been a good launchpad for NGI, and in order to ensure the smooth transition of activities it´s essential that all the know-how and contacts created during Nordic Game Program are maintained during the transition to the new organization”, states Klaus Hansen, Chairman of the board of newly established Nordic Game Institute.

The Nordic Game Institute's planned future tasks include administering a game development support system, supporting an annual Nordic game conference, developing business relations and promoting its members internationally, as well as encouraging collaboration with other creative industries, such as film, television and music.

For more information, please contact:

Klaus Hansen (DK)

KooPee Hiltunen (FIN)

Jonas Björgvin Antonsson (IS)

Leif Holst Jensen (NO)

Per Strömbäck (SWE)